What is the Grapefruit Seed Extract? Sometimes referred to as GSE, the Grapefruit Seed Extract, is a highly concentrated blend of the pink pulp, orange skin, and seeds of the grapefruit. Already known as a healthy fruit to eat or juice to drink, the extract form is a more efficient way to consume the valuable nutrients the grapefruit has to offer. You'll notice that the Grapefruit Seed Extract offers an immense variety of benefits for the human body. 

 Powerful Antioxidant

 Alkilizes and Purifies Blood

 Fights Gastrointestinal Disorders

 Prevent Contagious Diseases

 Destroys Infections

A recent study of the grapefruit done by Harvard University discovered that daily consumption can reduce bad cholesterol levels by 33% and decrease the likelihood of a stroke by 25%. Another study supports that the grapefruit can help treat diabetes. It even claims that the grapefruit may have "the same benefits as two seperate [diabetes] drugs"! Nationwide, doctors agree that the Grapefruit Seed Extract is a natural substitute with the same effects and benefits as many prescription medications. 

HOW IT WORKS The Grapefruit Seed Extract provides an array of benefits mainly because of its high potency of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is absorbed through the stomach and distributed throughout the other organs such as the small intestine, liver, kidneys, and heart. Within the body, Vitamin C helps transport carnitine, an amino acid compound, to the heart, brain, and muscles. Also, it aids the body to synthesize collagen - a protein which maintains healthy cartilage, skin and bones. 

One of the the top benefits of the Grapefruit Seed Extract is its antioxidant properties. This too works through the Vitamin C found naturally in the grapefruit. Vitamin C works with blood cells, finding uneven numbered atoms to pair with which neutralizes harmful free radicals. By reducing free radicals, the body is less susceptible illness, cancer, and premature signs of aging. 

WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM A GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT? The ways in which the grapefruit's Vitamin C affect the body are innumberable. From weight loss to heart disease, stomach disorders to infections, the Grapefruit Seed Extract can truly do good to anyone's health. As a general health supplement, the Grapefruit Seed Extract is not necessarily geared towards one demographic or age group. From the health and fitness conscious young adult to the elderly with struggling immune system, GSE can help.

There are no proven negative side effects from taking GSE. Although it has been proven safe for children, pregnant mothers, and breastfeeding mothers, talk with your doctor before beginning any herbal supplement if you fall under this category or have any diagnosed conditions. 

FINDING A REPUTABLE GSE SUPPLEMENT There is a wide variety of options in health stores, pharmicies, and the internet. Be aware not all supplements are created equally! After researching the available GSE products of the internet, we have spotlighted one particular brand which we feel is one of the top GSE supplements. Read about our pick, Cobalt Nutrition's Grapefruit Seed Extract, below. 

Our top pick is the Grapefruit Seed Extract by Cobalt Nutrition. As the bottle itself exclaims, "ALWAYS HERBAL" is their motto. We immediately noticed that the GSE was the primary active ingredient in the supplement - meaning what you're getting is 100% pure Grapefruit Seed Extract.

This simple herbal supplement has the ability to improve your internal health with the same strength as many prescription medications - at less than half the cost. Here's a few of our other favorite aspects of Cobalt's GSE.

 Pure Grapefruit Seed Extract

 Great, Affordable Price

 Black Pepper Extract to Maximize Nutrient Absorption

 100% Money Back Guarantee

 Reliable Brand

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